Apple Is Dropping Industrial Design Chief Role in Post

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Apple’s decision to drop the role of industrial design chief in the post-Jony Ive era has been met with mixed reactions from the tech community. Some believe that the company is making a wise move in consolidating power under the leadership of COO Jeff Williams, while others see it as a sign of a lack of vision in the wake of Ive’s departure.

Regardless of the opinion, there is no denying that Ive was a hugely influential figure at Apple, and his loss will be felt by many. The question now is, who will step up to fill the void left by his departure?

Some believe that Williams is the obvious choice, given his experience in product design. Others, however, feel that someone from outside the company would be better equipped to take on the role.

Whoever ends up being chosen, they will have their work cut out for them in the coming years. With Ive gone, Apple will need to find a new way to approach product design. It will be a challenge, but one that the company is more than capable of rising to.

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