iOS 16.3 lets iPhone users add lock screen widgets to a classic wallpaper if you still have it

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Apple has once again released a new iOS update and, as usual, it’s a mixed bag. Some of the new features are great and welcome additions, while others are…less than great. But that’s to be expected with any new software update.

One of the best new features in iOS 16.3 is the addition of lock screen widgets. For years, Android users have had the ability to add widgets to their lock screens, but Apple has always resisted. With iOS 16.3, though, iPhone users finally have the ability to add widgets to their lock screens.

To add a widget to your lock screen, simply long-press on an empty area of the screen. You’ll then see the option to add a widget. Once you’ve added a widget, you can resize it and move it around to your liking.

One of the widgets that’s included with iOS 16.3 is the Apple News widget. This widget gives you quick access to the top stories from Apple News. If you’re not a fan of the Apple News widget, though, you can easily replace it with a different one. There are a number of other widgets included with iOS 16.3, including weather, stocks, and calendar.

Another great new feature in iOS 16.3 is the ability to add multiple profiles to the Messages app. This is a feature that’s been available on Android for a while, but it’s finally made its way to iOS. With this feature, you can add multiple email addresses or phone numbers to the Messages app and easily switch between them.

To add a new profile to the Messages app, simply open the app and tap on the “Edit” button in the top-right corner. From there, you can add or remove profiles as you see fit.

One of the not-so-great new features in iOS 16.3 is the change to the Emoji keyboard. In previous versions of iOS, the Emoji keyboard was accessible by long-pressing on the globe icon. With iOS 16.3, though, you now have to 3D Touch or long-press on the globe icon to access the Emoji keyboard.

This is a minor change, but it’s one that’s sure to frustrate a lot of users. 3D Touch is already a somewhat finicky feature, and having to use it to access the Emoji keyboard is just needlessly complicated.

Overall, iOS 16.3 is a solid update. It’s not a game-changer, but it does add a few welcome new features. If you’re looking for a reason to update, the addition of lock screen widgets and the Messages app profiles are definitely worth checking out.

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