It sounds like Google will unveil its ChatGPT clone February 8

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It seems that Google is gearing up to take on ChatGPT in a big way. The search giant is hosting an event on February 8th that is all about search and AI. This comes on the heels of reports that Google is working on a ChatGPT clone that could be unveiled as early as next week.

This event could be Google’s chance to show off its ChatGPT clone and to talk about its plans for taking on the popular messaging app. ChatGPT has been a thorn in Google’s side for years, and it looks like the company is finally ready to take it on head-to-head.

Google’s event will likely be focused on how its search and AI technology can be used to improve the messaging experience. We may also see some new features that are designed to take on ChatGPT directly. Either way, it’s clear that Google isserious about taking on ChatGPT and we should see its plans in full force very soon.

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