Galaxy S23 doesn’t support Android’s Seamless Updates feature

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The new Samsung Galaxy S23 has been revealed and it is missing a key feature that has been available on other Android devices. Seamless Updates is a feature that allows for background updates to be installed on an Android device without interrupting the user. This means that users can continue to use their devices while the updates are being installed. However, the Galaxy S23 does not support this feature.

This is a disappointing move from Samsung, as the Seamless Updates feature is a useful one that has been available on other Android devices. It is not clear why Samsung has decided to not include this feature on the Galaxy S23. It is possible that the company is planning to add it in a future update, but it is also possible that Samsung has no plans to add it at all.

Either way, the lack of Seamless Updates on the Galaxy S23 is a definite downside. It is something that users should be aware of before they purchase the device.

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