Google takes on ChatGPT with Bard and shows off AI in search

a close up of a computer screen with the words mid - journey on it

Google has announced a new ChatGPT rival called Bard. The app is currently in testing, but it is already clear that Bard is a serious contender in the emerging field of artificial intelligence.

Bard is based on Google’s existing ChatGPT platform, which is used by millions of people around the world. However, Bard has been specifically designed to be more user-friendly and accessible.

One of the key features of Bard is its ability to show off AI in search. This is a major advantage over ChatGPT, which has no such functionality.

In addition, Bard is also equipped with a board that allows users to input commands. This is a major step up from ChatGPT’s chat-based interface, which can be difficult to use.

Overall, Bard is a very promising chatbot platform. It is still early days, but Bard has the potential to change the landscape of artificial intelligence.

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