Hogwarts Legacy: Get a $10 Gift Card When You Preorder

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Fans of the Harry Potter series have been eagerly awaiting the release of Hogwarts Legacy, an open-world RPG set in the wizarding world. The game was originally set to release in 2020, but was delayed due to the pandemic. Now, it seems that the wait will finally be over, as the game is set to release this year.

If you’re looking to get your hands on the game as soon as possible, you may be interested in preordering it. Doing so will not only guarantee you a copy of the game on release day, but also get you a $10 gift card.

This is a great deal for fans of the series, as the game is sure to be a hit. However, it’s important to remember that preordering games can be risky. You may end up paying for a game that you never end up playing, or that isn’t as good as you hoped it would be.

With that said, if you’re a diehard Harry Potter fan, then preordering Hogwarts Legacy is a no-brainer. The game is sure to be a hit, and you’ll get a $10 gift card to use on anything you want.

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