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Baidu has leaped to an 11-month high with the announcement of its plans to launch a ChatGPT-style ‘Ernie Bot’. This comes as the company looks to boost its artificial intelligence offerings.

The Ernie Bot will be a chatbot that operates in a similar fashion to ChatGPT, a popular chatbot service. However, it is not clear how exactly the Ernie Bot will differ from ChatGPT. It is likely that the Ernie Bot will be tailored to the Chinese market.

Baidu’s plans come as Microsoft is also rumored to be working on a chatbot service. Microsoft is said to be planning to reveal its own chatbot service at an event on Tuesday.

The Ernie Bot is just the latest artificial intelligence offering from Baidu. The company has been investing heavily in AI in recent years. In 2017, Baidu announced its ‘BaiduBrain’ artificial intelligence platform.

Baidu’s plans for the Ernie Bot are likely to be well-received by the Chinese market. The company has a strong track record in artificial intelligence and its products are widely used in China.

The Ernie Bot is just the latest example of how Baidu is looking to lead the way in artificial intelligence. The company is clearly invested in the development of AI and its products are likely to be very popular in the Chinese market.

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