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The internet industry is up in arms today after word got out that Mozilla is planning to develop a version of its popular Firefox browser that uses a non-WebKit rendering engine on iOS. This news comes after months of speculation that Apple is planning to change its App Store policies to allow third-party browsers on iOS.

Mozilla’s move is seen as an attempt to get ahead of any potential policy change from Apple, and it could have major implications for the internet as a whole.

WebKit is the rendering engine used by Safari, and it’s the only engine allowed on iOS. This has led to a situation where all of the major browsers on iOS are basically clones of Safari, with only minor differences.

If Mozilla is successful in creating a version of Firefox for iOS that uses a different rendering engine, it would be a major breakthrough. It would also likely lead to other browser developers following suit, creating a more diverse and competitive landscape on iOS.

This could be a major win for users, who would finally have a choice of browsers on iOS. It would also be a big win for the open web, as it would help break Apple’s monopoly on the mobile browser market.

However, there are also some potential downsides to this development. One of the main selling points of Safari is its integration with the Apple ecosystem. If other browsers start to gain traction on iOS, it could potentially lead to a fragmentation of the web, as different browsers would start to render pages differently.

This could create a situation where some sites only work properly on certain browsers, which would be a major pain for users. It would also make it harder for developers to create cross-platform web apps.

Overall, this is a potentially huge development in the world of mobile browsers. It remains to be seen how Apple will react, but it’s certainly something to keep an eye on in the coming months.

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