Android’s upcoming “app cloning” feature will make multiple accounts easy

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As Google looks to increase its presence in the mobile market, the company has announced a new feature coming to Android: app cloning. This new functionality will allow users to easily create multiple accounts on their device, making it ideal for those who have multiple social media accounts or who need to frequently switch between work and personal accounts.

While app cloning is nothing new – many Android users have been using third-party apps to achieve this for years – it is a welcome addition for those who want a more streamlined and official way to do so. This new feature will be available in the upcoming Android 14 Developer Preview, which is currently only available to Google’s Pixel devices.

With app cloning, each app will be given its own individual space on the device, meaning that users will be able to log in and out of different accounts without having to worry about their data being mixed up. This is a valuable addition for those who frequently need to switch between accounts, and it will also make it easier to keep work and personal data separate.

App cloning is just one of many new features that will be debuting in the Android 14 Developer Preview. Other notable additions include a new back gesture, which will make it easier to navigate around the interface; a redesigned notification panel; and support for installing old apps on devices that are running newer versions of Android.

The Android 14 Developer Preview is currently only available to Google’s Pixel devices, but it is expected to be rolled out to other Android devices in the coming months.

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