Metroid Prime Remastered looks better than you remember #nintendo #metroid #gaming #shorts

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Metroid Prime is a masterpiece of a game, there’s no denying that. But what makes it even more impressive is how well it has aged.

The game was originally released on the Gamecube back in 2002, and it has been 18 years since then. In that time, there have been countless remasters and remakes of older games, but very few of them have managed to capture the magic of the original while also bringing something new to the table.

That’s exactly what Metroid Prime: Remastered does. It takes one of the best games of all time and gives it a fresh coat of paint, while also making some much-needed improvements.

The most obvious change is the visuals. The game looks stunning on the Switch, with updated textures and lighting that really bring the world to life. Even if you’ve played the game before, it’s worth revisiting just to see how much better it looks.

But the changes go deeper than that. The game has been tweaked and polished in all the right places, making it even more enjoyable to play. The controls feel tighter, the puzzles are more challenging, and the whole experience is just more polished overall.

If you’re a fan of Metroid Prime, or even just a fan of good games, then you need to check out this remaster. It’s one of the best games around, and it’s only gotten better with age.

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