Unlike the first HomePod, the new model is not a nightmare to open up

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Apple’s HomePod is one of the most hotly anticipated tech releases of the year. The first generation of the device was plagued with reports of difficult repairs, but the new model is said to be much easier to open up. iFixit’s teardown of the new HomePod reveals that Apple has made some significant changes to the design, making it more repairable than the first generation.

One of the biggest changes is the use of less glue. The first HomePod was held together with so much glue that it was nearly impossible to disassemble without damage. The new HomePod uses less glue, making it possible to disassemble and reassemble the device without causing too much damage.

The other major change is the use of more standard screws. The first HomePod used a proprietary screw that made it difficult to remove the cover without special tools. The new HomePod uses standard screws, making it possible to remove the cover with a standard Phillips head screwdriver.

Overall, the new HomePod is a more repairable device than the first generation. This is a welcome change for many users who were frustrated with the difficult repairs of the first generation.

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