Opera is adding ChatGPT integration for webpage and article summaries

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The popular and well-known web browser, Opera, has announced a new addition to its many features – ChatGPT integration! This move comes as a response to the increasing popularity of ChatGPT, a service which provides automated conversation services using artificial intelligence.

This new integration will allow users to communicate with ChatGPT directly from their web browser, making it more convenient than ever to use the service. This is a huge step forward for Opera, and positions the browser as a serious contender in the ever-growing market of web browsers.

The addition of ChatGPT integration is just one of the many new features that Opera has been working on, in an effort to improve the user experience. Opera has also been working on integrating AI-generated content services into its web browsers, in order to provide users with more relevant and targeted content.

This is an exciting time for Opera, and the web browser is quickly becoming a go-to choice for many users. With its many new features and improvements, Opera is poised to take the lead in the web browser market.

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