GitHub’s Copilot for Business is now generally available

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GitHub’s Copilot for Business is now generally available to the public at large. This enterprise offering provides businesses with a simplified way to manage and collaborate on software projects with the help of GitHub’s expert staff.

The need for such a service has become apparent in recent years as more and more businesses have looked to open source software development as a way to cut costs and speed up time to market. However, many companies lack the internal expertise necessary to effectively manage a software project on GitHub.

GitHub’s Copilot program is designed to fill this gap by providing businesses with access to a team of experienced software developers who can help them navigate the often complex world of open source development.

The program is currently in a limited beta, but GitHub plans to make it generally available to all businesses in the near future.

If your company is considering making the switch to open source development, or if you’re simply looking for a better way to manage your existing software projects, GitHub’s Copilot program is definitely worth checking out.

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