Apple patent adds to hype around foldable device from the iPhone maker

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Apple’s long-rumored folding iPhone could finally be on the horizon, and a new patent suggests the device may be touch sensitive all over.

The patent, filed in February 2020, was published today and was first spotted by AppleInsider. It details a flexible display that could be folded in half, with the edges of the display continuing to be touch sensitive.

While the patent doesn’t explicitly mention an iPhone, it does mention a “handheld electronic device” with a “touch-sensitive surface.”

The patent adds to the mounting evidence that Apple is working on a folding iPhone. In December, Bloomberg reported that Apple was working on a foldable iPhone with a 7.8-inch display. The device would reportedly be able to fold in half like a clamshell, with the display on the outside.

And in February, a report from The Information claimed that Apple was working on two different prototypes for a folding iPhone. One of the prototypes is said to have a display that wraps around the device, while the other has a display that folds in half like a book.

It’s not clear when Apple might launch a folding iPhone, but the company is reportedly aiming to release the device in 2023. Given the early stage of development, it’s possible that the final product could look significantly different from the patents that have been filed.

Still, the patent filing provides a tantalizing glimpse at what Apple might be working on, and it’s sure to add to the hype around the long-rumored device.

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