Apple’s mixed reality headset will reportedly debut at WWDC in June

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Apple’s mixed reality headset was originally slated to make its debut at the tech giant’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in March. However, Bloomberg is now reporting that the device has been delayed until June.

The news come courtesy of people familiar with the matter, who reportedly said that Apple has pushed back the launch in order to give the company more time to perfect the headset. The device is said to be a high-end, untethered mixed reality headset that will be capable of running its own apps as well as iPhone apps.

The apple mixed reality headset was first hinted at in 2017 when Apple posted a job listing seeking software engineers with experience in “enabling high-performance applications such as 3D rendering, video processing, and gamming [sic] to run at high frame rates.” The company has also been granted a number of patents related to augmented reality and virtual reality technology in recent years.

One such patent, titled “Combined Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Display,” was published in 2019 and described a “see-through near-eye display” that could be used for both augmented reality and virtual reality applications.

While the exact features and capabilities of the headset remain under wraps, it is rumored to pack some impressive specs. According to Bloomberg, the device will feature “external cameras for hand tracking and computer vision, along with high-resolution displays and a custom processor more powerful than anything currently available.”

If the headset does indeed launch in June, it will be up against some stiff competition. Facebook is set to release its own Oculus Quest 2 headset later this year, while Microsoft is also rumored to be working on a next-generation hololens headset.

Nevertheless, Apple’s pedigree in the tech world means that the company’s headset is sure to generate a lot of interest from both consumers and developers alike.

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