Is Apple making a Mac Pro nobody wants?

a box with four different colored cases in it

As a seasoned tech blogger, I’ve been following the story of the new Mac Pro with great interest. It’s no secret that Apple is struggling to find its footing in the professional market, and the Mac Pro is a big part of that.

The problem is, it seems like Apple is making a Mac Pro nobody wants.

The new Mac Pro is a beautiful machine, no doubt. But it’s also prohibitively expensive, starting at $5,999. For that kind of money, you could buy a top-of-the-line iMac Pro and still have enough left over for a decent MacBook Pro.

So what’s the appeal of the new Mac Pro? It’s hard to say.

The specs are impressive, to be sure. But it’s not clear that they’re enough to justify the price tag. And Apple seems to be missing the mark when it comes to features that professionals actually want.

Take, for example, expandability. The new Mac Pro is severely lacking in this area. It’s not easy to add more storage or upgrade the graphics card. In contrast, the iMac Pro is a much more flexible machine.

Then there’s the matter of ports. The new Mac Pro only has four Thunderbolt 3 ports, while the iMac Pro has eight. And the new Mac Pro doesn’t have a SD card slot, which is a must-have for many professionals.

Ultimately, the new Mac Pro just doesn’t seem like a good value for the money. It’s a beautiful machine, but it’s not worth the price tag.

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