These Galaxy phones will get Samsung’s new Image Clipper

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As Samsung looks to continue its drive for camera excellence, the company has announced a new Image Clipper feature that will be coming to a number of its Galaxy smartphones.

The Image Clipper is a handy tool that allows users to quickly and easily extract images from full-sized pictures. This can be useful for a number of reasons, such as cropping out unnecessary background details or isolating a particular object from a photo.

The feature is currently available on the Galaxy S21 series and is also scheduled to roll out to the Galaxy Note 20, S20, and Z Fold 2 in the near future. It is not yet clear if or when the Image Clipper will come to older devices, but Samsung has said that it is working on making the feature available to as many devices as possible.

In the meantime, Samsung has also announced a new Astro Hyperlapse feature for the Galaxy S21 series. This allows users to create time-lapse videos with a number of different celestial objects, such as the Sun, Moon, and stars.

While the Astro Hyperlapse feature is currently only available on the Galaxy S21 series, it is likely that it will eventually come to other devices in the future.

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