Tile Adds Undetectable Anti

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Tile’s new anti-theft mode is designed to make its tracking devices undetectable, with a $1 million fine if used for stalking. The move comes in response to concerns about the use of Tile’s tracking devices for nefarious purposes.

Tile’s new anti-theft mode is a welcome addition for those concerned about the misuse of its tracking devices. The mode makes the devices undetectable, meaning that they can’t be used to track someone without their knowledge. Importantly, the mode also comes with a $1 million fine if it’s used for stalking.

This is a strong deterrent against misuse, and it’s good to see Tile taking measures to ensure its products are not used for nefarious purposes. The mode is opt-in, so users have to actively choose to use it. That said, it’s likely that many users will enable the feature to ensure their privacy.

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