iOS 16.4’s New Emoji List Includes One We’ve All Been Wanting for Years

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iOS 16.4’s New Emoji List Includes One We’ve All Been Wanting for Years

It’s finally here: the long-awaited iOS 16.4 update that includes more than 100 new emoji. And while there are plenty of welcome additions like gender-inclusive options and hearts in every color of the rainbow, there’s one emoji in particular that’s been causing quite a stir: the long-awaited “beard” emoji.

As anyone with facial hair knows, beards are not one-size-fits-all. There are all sorts of different beard styles, from scruffy to well-groomed, and each one requires its own careful upkeep. That’s why the new beard emoji is such a welcome addition: it gives us the ability to express our beard pride in all its glorious detail.

From a styling perspective, the new beard emoji is a real game-changer. No longer will we have to settle for the generic “man” emoji when texting about our facial hair; we can now choose from a variety of different beard styles, each with its own unique personality. And unlike the generic “man” emoji, the new beard emoji actually looks like it could be a real human being.

Not everyone is thrilled with the new beard emoji, of course. Some people have argued that it’s too specific, and that it will only be used by a small group of people. Others have pointed out that the emoji doesn’t include women, which leaves out a significant portion of the population. But regardless of the criticisms, it’s clear that the new beard emoji is a step in the right direction. It’s a much-needed addition to the emoji lineup, and it’s one that we’ve all been wanting for years.

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