Microsoft Is Forcibly Removing Internet Explorer From Your PC

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Microsoft’s forced removal of Internet Explorer from your PC is a move that’s been a long time coming. The software giant has been phasing out support for the once-dominant web browser for years, and it’s finally pulled the plug.

Microsoft is now officially disabling Internet Explorer, and it’s urging users to switch to its new Edge browser. The move is a recognition that IE’s time has come and gone, and that Microsoft needs to move on.

Internet Explorer was once the most popular web browser in the world, but it’s been in decline for years. In recent years, Microsoft has been increasingly focused on its Edge browser, which is based on the Chromium open source project.

Edge has been slowly gaining market share, but it’s still a distant second to Google’s Chrome browser. Microsoft is hoping that by making Edge the default browser on Windows 10, it can gain some ground.

Microsoft is also making it more difficult to use IE. The company is now redirecting users who try to access IE to a download page for Edge. And, starting in June, Microsoft will start automatically installing Edge on PCs that have IE installed.

The move to Edge is a recognition that the web has changed, and that Microsoft needs to change with it. IE was designed for a different era, and it’s no longer capable of keeping up with the modern web.

Microsoft is betting that Edge can be the browser that finally challenges Chrome. The company has made some significant changes to Edge, and it’s hoping that users will give it a chance.

So far, Edge has been well-received, but it’s still early days. Microsoft has a long way to go if it wants to make Edge the default browser for everyone.

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