Here Are The ‘Diablo 4’ Open Beta Dates, And How To Get In

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The long-awaited Diablo 4 is finally entering open beta this month! Blizzard has announced that the open beta will begin on March 24th, and that interested players can sign up for a chance to participate.

Diablo 4 is one of the most highly-anticipated games of the year, and for good reason. The game is a return to form for the franchise, with a dark and gritty aesthetic that is sure to please fans of the original Diablo. The gameplay is also a return to the franchise’s roots, with a focus on dungeon crawling and loot-hunting.

The open beta will allow players to explore the first act of the game, which takes place in the world of Sanctuary. The beta will also include the game’s PvP mode, which will pit players against each other in Arenas.

Those interested in participating in the open beta can sign up for a chance to participate on the Blizzard website. The beta will be open to everyone on March 24th, so be sure to sign up early to guarantee your spot.

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