Some Hogwarts Legacy Players Can’t Reach Max Level

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The internet is aflutter with the news that some players of the newly released Hogwarts Legacy cannot reach the game’s maximum level. This has been a hot topic of discussion among the gaming community, with many players wondering if this means that the game is too difficult or if there is some other explanation.

However, it seems that the answer may be simpler than that. A recent article on GameRant discusses the possibility that the game’s developers deliberately made it so that not every player would be able to reach the max level. This would add an element of exclusivity to the game and make it more difficult to obtain a high score.

While this theory makes sense, it has not been confirmed by the developers. However, it is clear that some players are struggling to reach the max level, and this has caused frustration among the community.

One player on Reddit said, “I’m on my seventh playthrough and still can’t get past level 60. The game is impossible.”

Another player responded, “I think you’re just bad at the game. I beat it on my first try.”

Clearly, there is a lot of debate about this issue, and it is unlikely that we will get a definitive answer anytime soon. However, it is interesting to speculate about the reasons behind the game’s design.

Do you think that the developers deliberately made it so that not every player can reach the max level? Why or why not?

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