Top Stories: iOS 16.4 Beta, iPhone 15 Rumors, Headset Delay, and More

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Apple has release a new beta version of their iOS software and it’s packed full of new features, emoji, and more. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

The biggest new addition in this beta is the inclusion of over 30 new emoji. These include a pink heart, a wireless check mark, and a variety of other new emoji that were included in the latest Unicode release. Apple has also added new wallpaper options and a new default keyboard sound.

Other new additions in this beta include a new “Fetch New Data” option in the Settings app, which allows you to choose when to fetch new data for Mail, Contacts, and Calendar. There’s also a new “Foodtracking” feature in the Health app that allows you to track your food intake and see how many calories you’re consuming.

There are also a few new features for developers in this beta, including the ability to test AirPrint printers and the ability to use the Touch ID sensor for authentication when using app clip codes.

Overall, this is a pretty impressive beta release from Apple and should give us a good idea of what to expect from the final version of iOS 16.4 when it’s released to the public.

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