Microsoft brings its A.I. chatbot to Bing app on iPhone and Android

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When Microsoft first announced its A.I. chatbot, many people were skeptical. How could a chatbot possibly compete with the likes of Siri and Google Assistant? But Microsoft has been proving the doubters wrong, and its latest update to the Bing app on iPhone and Android is sure to turn some heads.

The update includes a new A.I. chatbot, which is powered by Microsoft’s ChatGPT technology. This allows the chatbot to understand and respond to natural language queries. It can also provide information about the weather, current news, and even answer questions about Bing search results.

Microsoft is also making the chatbot available to third-party developers, so they can integrate it into their own apps. This is a smart move, as it will allow Microsoft to increase the chatbot’s reach and make it even more useful.

So far, the chatbot has been well-received by those who have used it. It is clear that Microsoft has put a lot of thought into making the chatbot as user-friendly as possible. The company is clearly committed to making its A.I. chatbot a success, and it is only a matter of time before it becomes a staple of the Bing app.

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