Spotify Debuts a New AI DJ, Right in Your Pocket

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Spotify, the popular streaming music service, has debuted a new AI-powered feature called “DJ.” DJ is a personalized music experience that offers users commentary powered by artificial intelligence.

The new feature is part of Spotify’s recent push into artificial intelligence. Last year, the company acquired AI startup Niland and has been working on integrating AI into its music recommendation engine.

The goal of DJ is to make listening to music more personal and engaging. Spotify’s AI will analyze your listening habits and recommend songs that it thinks you’ll like. The recommendations will be based on your tastes, but also on the weather, time of day, and your current location.

In addition to recommendations, DJ will also offer up commentary on the songs it recommends. The commentary will be generated by artificial intelligence and will be designed to add context and background to the music.

The new feature is currently only available in the Spotify app for iPhone, but it will be coming to Android and desktop soon.

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