The Morning After: Apple is reportedly closer to adding no

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Apple is reportedly close to adding no-prick glucose monitoring to its Watch, a move that could revolutionize diabetes care.

The tech giant is said to be working on a sensor that can non-invasively and continuously monitor blood sugar levels, according to Bloomberg. This would be a major breakthrough for diabetics, who currently have to prick their finger multiple times a day to check their blood sugar levels.

The sensor would be based on technology developed by Dexcom, a leading provider of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). Dexcom’s share price fell sharply on the news, as investors worried that Apple would cut into its business.

While it’s still early days, and there’s no guarantee that Apple will ultimately add this feature to its Watch, it’s clear that the company is serious about making a difference in the lives of diabetics. If it can pull it off, it would be yet another example of how Apple is using its resources and expertise to change the world for the better.

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