Exclusive: iPhone 15 Plus renders reveal new design

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We’ve already seen plenty of iPhone 13 leaks, but now it’s time to start looking ahead to the iPhone 15. We’ve got our first look at what the next gen iPhone might look like, courtesy of some exclusive renders from 9to5Mac.

As you can see, the iPhone 15 is going to be a major redesign. Gone are the bulky bezels, replaced by a much sleeker look. The camera bump has also been slimmed down, and the rear camera array has been rearranged.

One of the most interesting changes is the inclusion of a USB-C port. This would be a first for the iPhone, and it’s a clear sign that Apple is finally embracing the standard.

The iPhone 15 is also said to feature a new “dynamic island.” This is a small display that would sit above the main display, and it would be used for things like notifications and quick access to control center.

We’re still a ways off from the iPhone 15 launch, but these renders give us our best look yet at what to expect. Stay tuned for more leaks and rumors in the months to come!

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