Nokia launches smartphone you can fix yourself, jumping on ‘right to repair’ trend

a close up of a cell phone on a table

Nokia steps into the right-to-repair ring with the launch of its new G22 smartphone. The G22 is a budget Android handset that is designed to be easy to repair, with replaceable parts that can be swapped out without the need for special tools.

This is a welcome move from Nokia, and one that should be applauded by those who believe in the right of consumers to repair their own devices. The G22 is a step in the right direction, but it remains to be seen how well it will stack up against other right-to-repair smartphones on the market.

Time will tell whether the G22 is a true contender in the right-to-repair smartphone space. However, its launch is a significant milestone for the right-to-repair movement, and one that should be celebrated by anyone who believes in the importance of repairable devices.

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