Motorola rizr rollable phone concept hands

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Motorola rizr rollable phone concept hands-on: They see me rollin’

Android Authority

Motorola rizr is a new phone concept that was recently introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show. The phone features a rollable display, which extends the screen real estate while in use, and then shrinks back down into a much more pocket-friendly form-factor when not needed.

We got our hands on the phone and were able to test out its cool feature.

The phone is designed with a special hinge that allows the screen to be retracted partially or fully. In its fully extended state, the phone offers an impressive amount of screen real-estate, perfect for watching videos or playing games.

When not in use, the phone can be rolled back down and stored in a much smaller form-factor. This makes it much more pocket-friendly and easy to carry around.

Overall, we were impressed with the phone’s concept and its implementation. The phone offers a unique and intriguing form-factor that could be appealing to many users.

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