Google announces new features for Android and Wear OS

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As the Mobile World Congress approaches, Google is prepping for its annual event by announcing a slew of new features for Android and Wear OS. Among the most significant changes are emoji combinations and Chrome zoom.

Emoji combinations will allow users to string together multiple emoji to create more expressive messages. For example, a user could combine a heart emoji with an aviation emoji to communicate “I love to fly.” This new feature will be available on both Android and Wear OS.

Chrome zoom will allow users to zoom in and out of webpages on their Android devices. This will be particularly useful for those with vision impairments.

Other new features include:

• Android Auto: This will allow users to control their Android devices while driving.

• Android TV: This will bring Android to television sets.

• Android Things: This is a platform for developers to create Internet of Things devices.

• Android Wear: This is an update to the operating system for wearable devices.

• Android for Work: This is an update to the Android operating system for business users.

With so many new features being announced, it’s clear that Google is committed to making Android the most versatile and user-friendly operating system.

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