‘Absolutely unreal:’ NASA astronaut snaps amazing photo of auroras from space station

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When NASA astronaut Jessica Meir saw the auroras from space for the first time, she was absolutely amazed. She snapped a photo of the phenomenon, which has been making headlines recently, and shared it on social media.

“Absolutely unreal: NASA astronaut snaps amazing photo of auroras from space station,” Meir captioned the photo, which she posted on Twitter.

The photo garnered a lot of attention, with many people commenting on how breathtaking it is. Meir told Space.com that she was “completely blown away” by the experience.

“It was just incredible to see firsthand how beautiful and dynamic our planet can be,” she said.

The auroras are created when charged particles from the sun interact with Earth’s atmosphere. They are typically seen in polar regions, but can occasionally be seen at lower latitudes as well.

Meir wasn’t the only one who was blown away by the experience. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who is currently living on the International Space Station, also shared a photo of the auroras on Twitter.

“The auroras from space are nothing like anything you’ve ever seen before,” Kelly wrote. “They are absolutely amazing.”

The photos of the auroras have been met with overwhelming excitement and awe, and are a reminder of the beauty of our planet.

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