Microsoft’s implementation of Bing Chat AI on Windows 11 is complete trash

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Microsoft’s implementation of its Bing Chatbot on Windows 11 is shoddy at best, and a complete disappointment at worst. The Redmond giant has once again shown that it is far behind the times when it comes to artificial intelligence, and its latest Windows update is a perfect example of this.

The company has been hyping up its Bing Chatbot for months now, promising that it would be a revolutionary new addition to Windows 11 that would change the way we interact with our computers. However, the final product is a far cry from what was promised.

The biggest issue with the Bing Chatbot is that it is painfully slow. It takes forever to load, and even when it does, it is frustratingly slow to respond to commands. This is a huge problem, as it makes using the Chatbot a complete chore.

Another issue is that the Chatbot is not very accurate. It often misunderstood commands, or simply fails to recognize them altogether. This is extremely frustrating, as it makes using the Chatbot a very frustrating experience.

Lastly, the Chatbot is simply not very smart. It is not able to have a conversation, and often produces nonsensical responses. This is likely due to the fact that Microsoft has not properly trained the Chatbot, which is a shame.

Overall, Microsoft’s implementation of the Bing Chatbot on Windows 11 is a complete mess. It is slow, inaccurate, and not very smart. This is a huge disappointment, and Microsoft needs to do better if it wants to stay relevant in the artificial intelligence space.

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