Apple modem expected in iPhone 16, says Qualcomm CEO

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According to recent reports, it appears that Apple is planning to develop its own modem chips for future iPhones, which would replace the current Qualcomm chips used in its devices. This would be a significant move for the company, and could have far-reaching implications for the iPhone as we know it.

There are a few key reasons why Apple would want to develop its own modem chips. First and foremost, it would give the company more control over the iPhone’s wireless capabilities. Apple has always been focused on creating a seamless user experience, and having its own modem chips would allow it to optimize the iPhone’s wireless performance to a greater degree.

Secondly, Apple has had a contentious relationship with Qualcomm over the years. The two companies have been locked in a legal battle over patents and licensing fees, and Apple has even accused Qualcomm of unfair pricing practices. Developing its own modem chips would allow Apple to free itself from Qualcomm’s grasp and potentially save a lot of money in the process.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Apple is already developing its own wireless chips for other products, such as the Apple Watch. So, it stands to reason that the company would eventually want to bring that expertise to the iPhone as well.

Of course, there are some challenges that Apple would need to overcome in order to develop its own modem chips. For one, the company would need to invest heavily in research and development in order to catch up to Qualcomm’s current offerings. Additionally, Apple would need to secure enough manufacturing capacity to produce its own chips in mass quantities.

Nonetheless, the potential benefits of Apple developing its own modem chips are too great to ignore. This could be a game-changing move for the iPhone, and one that would give Apple even more control over its most important product.

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