Windows 11 Dev build 25309 lands with new OOBE, WinUI 3, volume mixer, and lots more

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Well, well, well. Looks like Microsoft is finally listening to its users and giving them what they want—a modern audio mixer in Windows 11. This is a move that’s long overdue, and it’s one that will make a lot of Windows users very happy.

The new audio mixer is just one of the many new features that are coming to Windows 11, and it’s one that I’m particularly excited about. With the new mixer, you’ll be able to quickly and easily adjust the volume of your individual apps, which is a huge step up from the current system.

In addition to the new mixer, Windows 11 is also getting a new volume settings menu. This menu will make it easier to adjust your system’s sound settings, and it will also provide access to new features like spatial audio.

So, if you’re a Windows user who’s been waiting for a better audio experience, it looks like your wait is almost over. Microsoft is finally giving us a much-needed update to the audio system in Windows 11, and I can’t wait to try it out.

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