Meta is cutting prices for its VR headsets

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Meta’s recent decision to lower the price of its VR headsets is a welcome development for consumers and signals a healthy competitive market for VR hardware.

The Quest Pro was originally released at a price point of $1,499, which was widely seen as too expensive for a consumer device. Meta has now cut the price of the Quest Pro by $500, making it much more attractive to potential buyers.

This move by Meta is likely in response to increased competition from other VR headset makers, such as Oculus and HTC. With the Quest Pro, Meta is now offering a more competitively priced device that still offers a high quality VR experience.

The Quest Pro is not the only VR headset to see a price cut in recent months. Oculus has also cut the price of its Rift S headset by $100, making it more competitive with the Quest Pro.

It is clear that the VR market is becoming more competitive, which is good news for consumers. With more companies vying for market share, prices are likely to continue to drop, making VR more affordable for everyone.

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