Microsoft makes Outlook free to use for Mac

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Look no further than Microsoft Outlook for Mac if you want a first-class email experience on your Apple computer. The software – which has been rebuilt and optimized for Apple silicon – is now free to use, with no need for a Office 365 subscription.

This is a huge win for Mac users, who have long had to pay a premium for Outlook compared to its Windows counterpart. The new Outlook for Mac is not only free, but it’s also packed with features that Apple’s own Mail app lacks, such as support for Exchange ActiveSync.

The redesigned Outlook for Mac also features a new look and feel that is optimized for macOS Big Sur. Microsoft has also ditched the old three-pane view in favor of a new two-pane layout that makes better use of the Mac’s widescreen display.

Other new features in Outlook for Mac include Dark Mode support, calendar sharing, and the ability to pin important emails to the top of your inbox. Microsoft is also making it easier to add third-party add-ins, such as Boomerang, to Outlook for Mac.

The new Outlook for Mac is a welcome addition to the Apple ecosystem, and it’s clear that Microsoft is committed to making its products work well on all platforms.

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