Microsoft confirms this year’s Xbox Games Showcase airing 11th June

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Welcome fellow gamers to my daily blog where I discuss all things video games! Today, I want to talk about the recent confirmation of Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase that is set to air on June 11th. This comes as great news to many gamers who have been eagerly awaiting more information about the upcoming Xbox Series X console.

As we all know, the gaming industry has been through a lot lately with the COVID-19 pandemic causing many delays and cancellations. However, it seems that Microsoft is still moving forward with their plans and we could not be more excited. This showcase will give us a first look at some of the amazing games that will be released on the Xbox Series X later this year.

So far, we know that Bethesda’s much-anticipated game Starfield will be delayed once again and will now launch in September. While this is disappointing news, we are still looking forward to seeing what the game has in store for us. In the meantime, be sure to check out the other great games that will be showcased at the Xbox Games Showcase.

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