Now Microsoft injects Copilot AI into Dynamics 365

a robot that is sitting on top of a box

As Microsoft looks to increase its focus on AI, the company has announced a new set of tools aimed at developers and analysts.

The new offering, called Copilot AI, is designed to reduce the amount of tedious work that users have to do in order to get insights from data.

The idea is that by using Copilot AI, users will be able to get more out of their data without having to spend hours or days manually preparing it.

Microsoft is also hoping that the new offering will help to address some of the concerns that have been raised about the use of AI in the business world.

In particular, the company is hoping that Copilot AI will help to make sure that data is used responsibly and that businesses are able to transparently explain how they are using AI.

Microsoft has already been working on a number of other AI initiatives, such as its Azure cloud services platform.

The launch of Copilot AI is just the latest example of the company’s commitment to AI, and it is clear that Microsoft is serious about making it a central part of its business strategy.

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