Apple Music Classical: 15 Things You Need to Know About the New App

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Apple is set to release a new music app later this month and it’s got a lot of people talking. The app, simply called “Apple Music Classical,” will be a streaming service that offers a curated selection of classical music.

This is a big deal for a few reasons. First, it’s a recognition by Apple that there is a demand for high-quality classical music streaming. Second, it’s a direct challenge to the existing leader in the space, Primephonic.

And third, it’s a sign that Apple is serious about expanding its reach into the world of streaming music.

The new app will offer a library of over 50,000 pieces of classical music, which is a pretty significant amount. It will be available in over 100 countries at launch.

There are a few things that set Apple Music Classical apart from other streaming services. For one, it will offer a “competitive pricing model” that will be appealing to users.

Second, it will be integrated with Apple’s existing music ecosystem, which means that users will be able to access their classical music libraries on all of their devices.

Third, the app will offer exclusive content, such as live performances and interviews with artists.

Finally, Apple Music Classical will be ad-free.

This is a big move for Apple, and it’s one that is sure to shake up the world of streaming music. It remains to be seen how successful the new app will be, but it’s certainly an exciting development.

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