Microsoft “Confident” Activision Could Optimise Call Of Duty For Nintendo Switch

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There’s been a lot of talk lately about Activision’s upcoming Call of Duty title and whether or not it could be optimised for the Nintendo Switch. Microsoft seems to think so, and has even gone as far as to say that it is “confident” that the game could be made to work on the Switch.

This is interesting news for a few reasons. Firstly, it shows that Microsoft is clearly interested in porting more AAA games to the Switch. This is something that Nintendo has been pushing for since the console’s launch, and it is finally starting to pay off.

Secondly, it suggests that Activision is open to the idea of porting Call of Duty to the Switch. This is significant because, up until now, Activision has been relatively dismissive of the Switch as a platform for its games.

So, what has changed?

Well, it is possible that Activision has seen the success that other publishers have had with porting their games to the Switch, and has decided that it is worth exploring. Alternatively, it could be that Microsoft has offered Activision some kind of sweetener in order to get the game on the Switch.

Microsoft has certainly been making a lot of noise about the Switch lately, and it is clear that it sees the console as a key part of its future plans.

Whatever the reasons, it is good news for Nintendo Switch owners. It shows that the console is starting to be taken seriously by the big publishers, and that more and more AAA games are coming to the platform.

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