Ring Introduces First Battery Doorbell With Head

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Home security company Ring has announced a new product in their home security lineup – the Battery Doorbell Plus. This new doorbell promises to be the best yet, with a head-to-toe view of your visitors and up to three months of battery life.

The Ring Battery Doorbell Plus is a big improvement over the previous models. The most notable change is the camera. The Plus model has a 150-degree field of view, which is much wider than the standard Ring doorbell. It also has a higher-resolution sensor, which allows for better image quality.

The other big change is the battery life. The Plus model can go up to three months on a single charge, whereas the standard model only lasts for two weeks.

The Plus model also includes some other features that the standard model doesn’t have. These include an adjustable motion zone, so you can choose what area of the camera’s view you want to be monitored. There’s also a new “privacy mode” that mutes the microphone and disables the camera when you don’t want to be recorded.

The Ring Battery Doorbell Plus is available now for pre-order at a price of $179.99. It will begin shipping in the United States in December.

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