Discord Introducing ‘AI’ Stuff Nobody Asked For, Or Needs

a laptop computer sitting on top of a table

Discord has recently announced a new addition to their platform – AI-powered chatbot features. This has been met with mixed reactions from the online community, with some people welcoming the change and others worried about the implications for privacy and data security.

Critics of the move say that it is unnecessary and intrusive, and that Discord should focus on fixing existing problems with the platform before adding new features. They also argue that the introduction of AI will lead to increased surveillance of users, as the chatbot will be able to track and record conversations.

Supporters of the change say that it will make Discord more user-friendly and accessible, and that the AI features will be opt-in so users can choose whether or not to use them. They argue that the chatbot will be beneficial for people who want to use Discord but don’t have the time to commit to learning all of its features.

It remains to be seen how successful Discord’s new AI features will be, but it is clear that there is a lot of controversy surrounding the change.

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