Kuo: Apple to Launch Redesigned HomePod With 7

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Apple is set to release a redesigned HomePod with a 7-inch display in 2024, according to a report from Kuo. The new HomePod will have a similar design to the current model, but with a smaller form factor and Integrate display.

The current HomePod is a great product, but it has several limitations. First, it doesn’t have a built-in display, so you can’t see what it’s doing. Second, it doesn’t support stereo pairs, so you can’t create a left/right soundstage.

The new HomePod will address both of these issues. It will have a 7-inch display, which will allow you to see what it’s doing. And it will support stereo pairs, so you can create a richer soundstage.

This is great news for Apple fans. The current HomePod is a great product, but it has room for improvement. The new HomePod will be a much more complete product, and it will be a great addition to the Apple ecosystem.

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