Destiny 2: Lightfall’s World First Raid Completion Claimed by Shocking Underdog

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In Destiny 2’s new raid, Lightfall’s World First completion was claimed by an unlikely candidate- Shocking Underdog. This is an momentous feat, as the raid is widely considered to be one of the most difficult in the game.

Shocking Underdog is a relative unknown in the Destiny community. They formed just a few months ago with the express purpose of taking on Lightfall. They succeeded where so many others have failed, and have become the first team to ever defeat the raid.

How did they do it? It’s no secret that the Lightfall raid is incredibly difficult. It’s designed to test even the most skilled of players. But Shocking Underdog has proved that they are up to the challenge.

The raid requires coordination and communication, two things that Shocking Underdog have in spades. They also have the benefit of being relatively unknown. This allowed them to approach the raid with a fresh perspective, and devise strategies that other, more experienced teams had not thought of.

In the end, it was their dedication and skill that allowed them to triumph. They are the first team to ever defeat Lightfall, and they have made history in the process.

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