Remember when Gillian Anderson wore this exposed thong on Oscars night?

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When news broke that Gillian Anderson had walked the Oscars red carpet in a thong and exponentiating gown, the internet lost its collective mind. The photos went viral, and Anderson became a trending topic on Twitter.

Now, nearly two months later, people are still talking about that thong. And why not? It was a bold move, and Anderson looked fabulous. But as a seasoned tech blogger, I can’t help but think about the technological implications of this fashion choice.

First, let’s consider the gown itself. It was a shimmering, ethereal confection that seemed to float on air. And it was held up by a single, slender strap that ran down the center of Anderson’s back.

The gown was also backless, which meant that Anderson’s thong was on full display. There’s no way to know for sure, but it’s safe to say that the thong was made of some sort of synthetic material.

And that’s where things get interesting.

You see, synthetic materials are notoriously difficult to work with. They have a tendency to bunch up, to ride up, and to generally misbehave.

But Anderson’s thong stayed perfectly in place all night. Not a single crease, not a single bunched-up bit of fabric. It was a miracle of modern engineering.

And it’s all thanks to the power of magnets.

You see, the thong was likely held in place by a series of small, strategically placed magnets. These magnets would have been strong enough to keep the thong in place, but not so strong that they would have been uncomfortable to wear.

And that’s just the beginning.

The magnets would have also helped to keep the fabric of the gown in place. By holding the fabric of the gown away from Anderson’s body, they would have helped to avoid any unwanted wrinkling or creasing.

So, the next time you see a celeb rocking a seemingly impossible fashion choice, remember that it’s probably not as impossible as it looks. Thanks to the power of magnets, even the most complicated designs can be made to look effortless.

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