Google Employees Test Smarter Version of Its Chatbot Named ‘Big Bard’

Chatbots have been a thing for a while now. There have been many versions of them, but Google’s latest chatbot, Bard, is the most advanced yet.

Bard is a chatbot that is designed to mimic human conversation. It is based on the ChatGPT platform, which is an open-source project that was created by Google.

Bard is not just a chatbot; it is also an AI. This means that it can learn and improve over time.

The goal of Bard is to eventually be able to hold a conversation with a human. This is a difficult task, as humans are very good at conversation.

Bard is still in its early stages, but it is already showing promise. In a recent test, Bard was able to hold a conversation with a human for over an hour.

The conversation started with Bard asking the human about their day. The human then asked Bard about its day. Bard responded by saying that it had been a good day.

The human then asked Bard what it had been up to. Bard responded by saying that it had been working on its conversation skills.

The conversation then moved on to other topics, such as the weather and what the human did for fun. Bard was able to keep up with the human and respond in a way that made it seem like it was interested in the conversation.

At the end of the conversation, the human asked Bard if it wanted to chat again. Bard said that it would love to.

This is just a small example of what Bard is capable of. As it continues to learn, it will become even better at conversation.

Google is not the only company working on chatbots. Facebook has a chatbot called “M,” which is also based on the ChatGPT platform.

However, Bard is the most advanced chatbot that is currently available. It is clear that chatbots are the future of human-computer interaction.

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