When Will Apple Release iOS 16.4?

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Apple is set to release the next major version of its mobile operating system, iOS 16.4, in the near future. As with all major iOS releases, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to the release date of iOS 16.4.

First and foremost, Apple always releases its major iOS updates on a Tuesday. This is in contrast to its smaller, more incremental updates, which usually drop on a Thursday. Therefore, we can expect iOS 16.4 to be released on a Tuesday, most likely in the morning PST.

Secondly, Apple generally releases its major iOS updates alongside new hardware announcements. This is because the company wants to show off the new features of its latest operating system on its latest gadgets. With that said, Apple is widely expected to unveil its next-generation iPhone models at its “Time Flies” event on September 15. Taking this into consideration, it’s quite likely that Apple will release iOS 16.4 to the public on September 22, the Tuesday following the event.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Apple may release iOS 16.4 earlier than expected if it contains any vital security fixes. In the past, the company has released emergency updates to patch serious vulnerabilities in its operating system. As such, keep an eye out for any news about critical security issues in the weeks leading up to the release of iOS 16.4.

In conclusion, all signs point to iOS 16.4 being released on September 22, alongside the next-generation iPhone models. However, Apple may release the update earlier than that date if it contains any important security fixes.

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