Belkin is giving up on smart home standard Matter

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Google has discontinued its smart home standard Matter. The news comes after Belkin’s Wemo announced that it would no longer support the standard.

Matter was originally developed by Google, Nest, and a consortium of other companies as a way to unify the many disparate smart home standards that existed at the time. The goal was to create a single standard that would be supported by all major smart home devices and platforms.

However, Matter never gained the traction that Google had hoped for. Many companies continued to support their own proprietary standards, and Matter quickly became a less attractive option for consumers.

Belkin’s Wemo was one of the few companies to fully support Matter. However, after Google announced that it was discontinuing the standard, Belkin announced that it would no longer support Matter.

This is a disappointing turn of events for those who hoped that Matter would finally bring unity to the smart home market. However, it is not surprising given the lack of support from the industry. It remains to be seen if another company will step up to take Google’s place in developing a new smart home standard.

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