Google ends enterprise sales of Google Glass, its augmented reality smartglasses

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Google has ended enterprise sales of its Google Glass product, its augmented reality smartglasses. The decision comes after years of development and early success in the enterprise market.

Although Google has not officially announced the decision, it has been confirmed by multiple sources. The move comes as a surprise, as Google had previously shown commitment to the enterprise market with the launch of the Glass Enterprise Edition in 2017.

It is not clear what prompted the sudden change in strategy, but it is likely that the company is focusing its resources on other products in its portfolio. Google has been investing heavily in augmented reality, and it is possible that the company believes that its future lies in other products in this space.

This is a surprising turn of events, and it will be interesting to see how the enterprise market responds. Google Glass was a groundbreaking product, and it has been used successfully by many businesses. However, it remains to be seen if other products can fill the void that it has left.

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