Google publishes its Generative AI ‘prohibited use policy’ and other terms

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This morning, Google took the wraps off of a new “prohibited use policy” for its Generative AI services. The company also announced that it is rolling out a new AI writing assistant to Gmail and Docs.

The new policy is designed to prevent abuse of Google’s Generative AI services. The company says that the policy is necessary “to ensure the safety and security of our customers and the continued functioning of our systems.”

Under the new policy, Google will not allow its Generative AI services to be used for “illegal, harmful, or abusive purposes.” The company says that the policy is not intended to “restrict or discourage legitimate uses” of its services.

Google also says that it will continue to invest in “preventative measures” to detect and prevent abuse of its Generative AI services. The company says that it will take “appropriate action” against those who violate the new policy.

The new AI writing assistant is designed to help users compose emails and documents. The assistant will “suggest grammar, spelling, and punctuation corrections as you type.” The assistant will also offer “suggestions for alternative words and phrases.”

The new assistant is currently available in Gmail and Docs, and will roll out to other Google Workspace products in the coming weeks.

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